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The Influence of Drive System of Fuel Injection Pump Test Be

Time:2023-08-29 07:15:12

The hazards of transmission to accuracy 1. Rotation speed accuracy The fuel injection pump and the speed regulating motor are an integral whole. When it is adjusted on the test bed, the speed of the test bed will harm the speed regulating motor, thereby changing the fuel injection pump's oil volume and variable speed range. Because the centrifugal force of the flying hammer or flying ball is positively related to the rotational speed, the higher the rotational speed, the greater the centrifugal force, and the greater the effect of the remaining oil of the driver in manipulating the tissues. The resulting centrifugal force determination error is large, and the remaining oil manipulating tissue suffers differently. After the effect of centrifugal force, the remaining oil will also make a big difference. It can be seen that if low-precision tachometers are used in the production lines, testing laboratories, and specification rooms of gasoline pump manufacturers, the amount of fuel provided by the fuel injection pumps accurately measured will be very different. Therefore, the application of high-precision tachometers on the test bench is very critical. Previously, a mobile tachometer with magnetic was used. When the diameter of the surface layer exceeds 25mm, the manufacturing accuracy is level 1 (determined error ±30r/min). The data applied at this stage shows that the deterministic error of electronic device tachometer can be ±1r/min. , Very precise. The DC variable frequency speed technology is selected, the main motor outputs immediately, and the soft starter uses IGBT power modules, and the speed is very accurate. Therefore, at this stage, the test benches manufactured in China mostly use DC variable frequency speed. 2. Rotational speed reliability. Under the standard that the load will not change and the input working voltage is stable, within 1min of accurate measurement time, the speed fluctuations are specified as follows: more than 800r/min, speed fluctuation not exceeding ±0.25%; less than 800r/ min, the speed fluctuation value does not exceed ±2 revolutions. Haite Technology specializes in the production and manufacture of fuel injection pump test benches, high pressure common rail fuel injection pump test benches, high pressure common rail test benches, high pressure common rail test benches and other products for you!

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