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Daily maintenance of fuel injection pump

Time:2023-12-27 07:16:00

(1) The fuel injection pump is the "cardiovascular" of the diesel engine, so proper maintenance must be carried out on the fuel injection pump. (2) When installing the fuel injection pump on the diesel engine, be sure to check the oil advance angle provided by the adjustment; after the diesel engine runs for 500 hours, check the oil advance angle provided by the adjustment again. (3) Be sure to use the national industry standard light diesel oil, and the diesel engine must undergo 48-96 hours of settling and filtering. (4) Always pay attention to clean and tidy the diesel engine case and diesel filter. (5) Check the car oil in the speed control motor daily, and fill it up immediately when it is not enough. (6) If there is a skeleton seal between the fuel injection pump and the speed regulating motor, oil should be added separately. (7) If the automobile oil level rises due to automobile oil diluent, it indicates that the fuel injection pump and the fuel transfer pump have serious oil leakage and should be removed immediately. (8) After the diesel engine has been running for 100 hours, the oil should be changed and the filter screen of the oil transfer pump should be cleaned. (9) The fuel injection pump should not be disassembled and adjusted arbitrarily, especially at the bottom of the seal. When it is required to be disassembled and repaired, the site should be cleaned before starting. (10) After every 2000 hours of operation, the fuel injection pump must be disassembled and inspected in an all-round way, replaced or repaired more severely worn and damaged parts, and re-adjusted. When the diesel engine is not used for a long time, every effort should be made to fill the diesel engine in the fuel injection pump oil passage. If you want to remove the fuel injection pump, add rust preventive to the oil duct, store it in a dry place, and not store it together with batteries, acids, alkalis, etc.; Use after rust agent.

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